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MIAMI, FL, APRIL 14, 2008--- HOLA Networks today announced the launch of its extensive video advertising network solution. Beyond pre-roll inventory from their video-enabled websites, HOLA Networks now offers in-page video ads across the entire network.

HOLA Networks’ custom video player was designed to provide clients with measurable results and viewers with a completely interactive experience.  The player offers three options for video:  a straight player with no buttons, one with a mute button, and one with both a mute and pause/play button. And all videos are clickable so view-based reporting can be captured and tracked.

HOLA’s Video Solution also includes the ability to help U.S. Hispanic Agencies to convert in-stream ads in standard Beta and VHS formats into in-banner video for use online, allowing for an extended reach of the Client’s short form TV spots to over 5 million online Hispanics.  And because the video is integrated into HOLA’s existing network delivery platform, it also features all of HOLA’s targeting capabilities and reporting features.

 “The addition of interactive, clickable video will help advertisers use broadcast messaging to further extend their reach to the diverse U.S. Hispanic online market,” said Rafael Monteiro, Co-Founder and President, HOLA Networks. “With some industry sources reporting estimates of nearly 80% of online Hispanics using broadband, there is significant growth potential. Clients using our video advertising system will undoubtedly benefit from improved interaction with the visitors.”

HOLA provides view-based reporting and analytical information on the reach and frequency of the video placements. The custom reporting features also provide an in-depth analysis of the video performance and the viewers’ response. These reports allow the advertiser to review and adapt their campaigns accordingly.
The HOLA Networks Video Solution offers advertisers a wide range of options to achieve their campaign performance objectives using video across the entire network. 

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About HOLA Networks
Based in Coral Gables, Florida, HOLA Networks is the first premium online display advertising network 100% dedicated to U.S. Hispanics. HOLA Networks is a U.S. Hispanic company, focused exclusively on Hispanics living in the United States. HOLA Networks consists of major international web sites in Spanish with critical mass audiences in the U.S. as well as U.S. Hispanic web sites with niche and hard-to-find audiences. Through a strategic alliance with 24/7 Real Media and the use of their award-winning Open AdStream® platform, HOLA Networks enables clients to target their advertising by various segments as well as reach specific Hispanic ethnic subgroups on a large scale.

HOLA Networks leverages expertise, scale, extensive geo-targeting, behavioral marketing capabilities and market-leading optimization technology that enable advertisers to diversify their U.S. Hispanic online media plans like never before.  For more information, go to www.holanetworks.net.