Hola Networks


HOLA Networks is the largest and only display advertising internet network focused exclusively on serving the needs of U.S. Hispanic advertisers and premium website publishers. Created by Hispanic online ad sales veterans and internet business development pioneers, HOLA NETWORKS has been expressly developed to specifically address the needs of clients and agencies wanting to reach US Hispanic consumers, allowing them to diversify their online media strategies beyond the handful of traditional portals.

We are 100% US Hispanic

That means that your messaging will be 100% targeted to Latinos living in the US.

HOLA Networks provides extended reach across branded websites to over 10+ million* US Hispanics and delivers millions of impressions monthly. That massive reach makes us larger than several of the major Hispanic portals.

We are a Premium Network

Unlike other ad networks that have tens of thousands of publishers, HOLA Networks has hand-picked select publishers with critical mass Latino audiences and assembled them all under one centralized point of management.  And HOLA Networks only works with premium placements, so your messaging won’t get lost in remnant inventory such as blogs or chat rooms.

We are 100% Transparent

Unlike many other ad networks; we are completely transparent for our clients.  That means you will always know where your messaging is appearing.

Flexibility and Customization

Because we work with select website publishers, HOLA Networks can develop customized programs such as sponsorships, promotions and product integration.  We can also develop customized channels for clients based on content or ethnicity.

Superior Targeting, Segmentation & Optimization

HOLA Networks utilizes OpenAdstream®, one of the top ad serving technologies in the world. This enables us to offer clients the same level of sophistication in technology and optimization capabilities that is currently available in the general market.


* comScore March, 2010